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Rio Bravo Ranch Coratina

By Rio Bravo Ranch

This unique Coratina extra virgin olive oil has a medium beginning with a big finish, as wafts of fresh green olives give way to a massive kick of peppery, spicy notes and a hint of bitterness.
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About Rio Bravo Ranch

The Rio Bravo Ranch, consisting of approximately 3,200 hectares and located along the Kern River downstream from the mouth of Kern Canyon, is home to some of Bakersfield’s most breathtaking scenery. Today, the Nickel family continues to own and operate the Rio Bravo Ranch, with James Nickel, a fifth-generation descendant of Henry Miller, as its president. The ranch farms various varieties of citrus, almonds, cherries and olives and grazes cattle on the open land.
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Gold awardGold award

Food Pairing

Grilled Poultry


Food Pairing

Grilled Catfish


Food Pairing

Grilled Lamb

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