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Ča Istarska Bjelica

By OPG Oleum Lavarigo

Istarska Bjelica is a single-variety oil rich in green aromas of freshly cut grass, pine tree and spruce. Its flavor is predominantly bitter and peppery, which implies a high level of antioxidants, making it a superfood. It is best paired with meat dishes, tuna and chocolate desserts.
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About OPG Oleum Lavarigo

We are a small family owned business from Croatia, or to be more precise, from southern Istria, which has been continuously recognized as one of the best olive regions in the world. As for us, olive cultivation has been in our blood for generations. The first olives were planted in 1892 when my great-great-grandfather decided to move his family to our current location, Loborika. Today, our family is cultivating 1,300 olive trees on an area of nearly 5 hectares.
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Tasting Sensations
Black Pepper
Green Tomato
Green Banana
Gold awardGold award

Food Pairing

Grilled Broccoli


Food Pairing

Brussels Sprouts


Food Pairing

Grilled Asparagus

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