Official Index of the World’s Best Olive Oils


Oio Vivo Vodnjanska bužaGold award

Oio Vivo Vodnjanska buža

Oio Vivo ŽižoleraGold award

Oio Vivo Žižolera

Monte Rosso PremiumGold award

Monte Rosso Premium

Fortica MoraioloSilver award

Fortica Moraiolo

KristofolaGold award


Ol Istria PicholineSilver award

Ol Istria Picholine

Delmonico's RestaurantSilver award

Delmonico's Restaurant

Al Torcio MoraioloSilver award

Al Torcio Moraiolo

Salvela AurumGold award

Salvela Aurum

Šoltansko Maslinovo UljeGold award

Šoltansko Maslinovo Ulje

TurinelaGold award


Avistria Stari BuzaGold award

Avistria Stari Buza

Punta CissanaGold award

Punta Cissana

San Antonio KarbonacaSilver award

San Antonio Karbonaca

Bozic UjeGold award

Bozic Uje

Best Olive Oils Marketplace

Best Olive Oils Marketplace

Buy this year’s best extra virgin olive oils directly from producers and importers.


World Olive Oil Competition

The world’s largest and most prestigious olive oil quality competition.

Olive Oil Times

Olive Oil Times

The international publication of record for olive oil news and information.

Sommelier Courses

Sommelier Courses

Olive oil educational programs in partnership with the International Culinary Center.