Oblica Primary Catholic School Sibenik

By Katolička OŠ Šibenik

This is an organic extra virgin olive oil obtained exclusively from the olive variety of the same name. It is the most widespread variety in Croatia and the oldest in Dalmatia, resistant to drought, adaptable to various terrains and resistant to diseases and pests. Having enjoyed 890 hours of sunshine and 1,001 mm of rain, the oil is characterized by the aroma and taste of ripe olives, cut spring grass and aromatic herbs. It is slightly spicy and bitter and has pronounced sweetness.
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About Katolička OŠ Šibenik

The staff of Catholic Primary School takes care of the olive groves, ensuring that the whole process is carried out using organic methods only. The olive harvest is a school-integrated day called the "Olive - tree of life," when all the students and school staff participate in the harvest. Apart from commercial purposes, the oil is also used in the school kitchen, producing balms with Mediterranean herbs and as school gifts.
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Tasting Sensations
Olive Leaf
Gold award

Food Pairing

Raw (Carpaccio) Beef


Food Pairing

Pork Vegetable Stir-Fry


Food Pairing

Fried Potatoes

Similar Brands

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