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Oleum Viride Belić Frantoio

By OleaBB

Frantoio is a highly esteemed Italian variety that is of top quality. It is light green, with a scent and dominating taste of fresh olive fruit, almonds and aromatic herbs. It is moderately bitter and has a strong peperoncino pungency. If added to meals with a robust and intense taste, such as truffles, beefsteak, venison, goose liver, mature cheese or wild asparagus, this powerful oil will invariably create a new magic of gourmet pleasure.
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In their picturesque Istrian olive groves, the Belić family initiates the same magic life cycle every year – transforming olives into olive oil, taking its course with full respect for centuries-old traditions while utilizing the latest ecological agricultural techniques and technologies. Carefully selected olive varieties are handpicked at the medium ripening stage and cold pressed within 24 hours, creating the supreme quality of a signature product Oleum Viride Belić.
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Tasting Sensations
Green Almond
Gold award

Food Pairing

Fried Potatoes


Food Pairing

Raw (Carpaccio) Beef


Food Pairing

Pork Vegetable Stir-Fry

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