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By Azienda Agricola Sanarica Emmanuel

Ulivè Grand Cru is a highly valued EVO oil and the result of the unique terroir of Apulia, in Italy. This elegant oil is an expression of precious and exclusive organoleptic characteristics. The bright colours and innovative design of Ulivè Grand Cru complete the enthralling flavour of the oil, a madeleine that speaks of earth, sun, work, love, and offers a refined sensory experience with a thousand tasting possibilities. Enhance the flavour of your dishes with a luxurious scent and aroma.
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About Azienda Agricola Sanarica Emmanuel

The origins of Sanarica Emmanuel farm have their roots in a family history of more than 100 years, located in Montemesola, Italy, in the middle of a valley surrounded by hills and the sea, which guarantees a perfect climate for cultivation. Emmanuel became the guardian of all the secrets handed down by their grandparents and of the rituals of artisan production, becoming the ambassador of values ​​and the rediscovery of traditions, combined with the innovation of new production techniques.
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Bitter Almond
Green Almond
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Gold awardGold award

Food Pairing



Food Pairing

Grilled Broccoli


Food Pairing

Cauliflower Soup

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