L'Olio Bio

By Pometti di Pometti Carlotta

This extra virgin olive oil is a certified organic blend of Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino, the three main varieties of olives cultivated in Tuscany. L'Olio Bio is cold-pressed through mechanical means only, and all of the olives are harvested with the traditional manual method. This guarantees this highest quality product to preserve the EVOO's typical green color, spicy notes and fragrant perfume.
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About Pometti di Pometti Carlotta

Pometti di Pometti Carlotta is a family-run company with a growing belief that a sustainable approach is inescapable to preserve our environment, which gifts us first-quality products. The three-year-long transition to organic agriculture is the key we chose to unlock the true potential of our land, allowing it to rest and follow the rhythm of the Earth. We truly believe that it is possible to leave behind a better world than the one we inherited, and that is what we work towards.
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Tasting Sensations
Black Pepper
Green Banana
Gold award

Food Pairing

Pork Vegetable Stir-Fry


Food Pairing

Fried Potatoes


Food Pairing

Raw (Carpaccio) Beef

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