By Anafortis

Setting high standards for quality, early harvested olives from a single estate are processed within hours by the cold extraction method to produce the highest quality olive oil. They are stored in stainless steel tanks without being exposed to oxygen, light or heat, and bottled in dark glass containers before shipment.
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About Anafortis

Located in the historical Gallipoli peninsula, Anfortis is produced with a passion for olive oil. Adhering to the sustainable agriculture practices and climate action targets, the olive oil's journey from farm to table is carried out with utmost respect for our environment. Anafortis also ensures that the value created is shared by the local community on “equal pay for equal work” principle.
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Tasting Sensations
Fig Leaf
Green Pepper
Gold award

Food Pairing

Pork Vegetable Stir-Fry


Food Pairing

Raw (Carpaccio) Beef


Food Pairing

Fried Potatoes

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