Official Guide to the World's Best Olive Oils

The World’s Best Olive Oils

The NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition is the world’s largest and most prestigious olive oil contest. Its annual listing of award winners is considered the authoritative guide to the year’s best extra virgin olive oils.

All Winners 2022
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2022 Winners

The Official Guide to the World’s Best Olive Oils is the authoritative index of the world’s best olive oils and the dedicated producers who craft them.

Cantasole Biancolilla

Cantasole Biancolilla Gold award

Koroneiki Premium

Koroneiki Premium Gold award

Marqués de Valdueza

Marqués de Valdueza Gold award

Rosati Fruttato

Rosati Fruttato Gold award

Capolivo Picual

Capolivo Picual Gold award

Monteoliva Oro Coupage

Monteoliva Oro Coupage Gold award

Laurenta Oblica

Laurenta Oblica Gold award

Grumpy Goats Farm Picual

Grumpy Goats Farm Picual Silver award

7Thirty Organic

7Thirty Organic Silver award

Grumpy Goats Farm Organic Hojiblanca

Grumpy Goats Farm Organic Hojiblanca Gold award

Francesco Di Mino – Nocellara del Belice

Francesco Di Mino - Nocellara del Belice Gold award

Villa Gaspar

Villa Gaspar Gold award

Orfeu Azeites Coratina

Orfeu Azeites Coratina Gold award

Tropicual – Reserva Familiar

Tropicual - Reserva Familiar Gold award


Legado Gold award


Al-Zahira Gold award


Ayolias Gold award

Terra Oleum

Terra Oleum Silver award
Cultivar in the Spotlight


The Picual, also known as Marteña or Lopereña, is an olive cultivar from Spain. Picual olives are the most commonly grown olive today for olive oil, with production centered in the Spanish province of Jaén.

Picual trees are estimated to account for 25 percent of all olive oil in the world.

What makes a
great olive oil?

Crafting an award-winning olive oil takes determination, skill and obsessive attention to details. Every stage of the process, from harvest to bottle, must be perfectly managed to produce one of the world’s best olive oils.



Every good olive oil needs to have the aroma of fresh fruit. Olives are fruits, after all. The oil should smell fresh and fruity.



Olives are mighty bitter straight off the tree. So any fresh, high-quality olive oil must be bitter, which we perceive on the tongue.



Pungency is that cough-inducing sting on the throat that’s caused by the healthy phenolic compounds in fresh, high-quality olive oil.



A pleasing balance in an oil sample’s quality characteristics distinguishes high-quality olive oils from the others.



Exceptional olive oils send us on an olfactory and gustatory journey through a complex bouquet of pleasing sensations.



The qualities should linger for a while, giving the taster time to reflect on the fruity notes and complex subtleties.

People Behind the Winning Brands

Danijala Lalin

After winning an award at the world’s largest olive oil quality competition, Lalin has become a role model for other young olive growers in Pakoštane.

“It is a long process because if you want to do something well, then it should be of good quality, and you should have time for that,” Lalin said. “I think it is important to have a goal and not give up. It took a long time.”

Award-Winning Regions


The region has a beautiful and varied territory, from mountains to sea and volcanic lakes. This is reflected in a rich olive biodiversity which, in turn, is exalted by farmers through outstanding extra virgin olive oils.

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